The Point Guard: a novel by Edwin J. Sprague
Edwin J. Sprague: Author of the novel, The Point Guard

About the Book

Author Edwin J. Sprague's, The Point Guard is more than a suspense novel. It's a story that leaps from pure entertainment to reality. Barely a moment passes without someone committing a violent crime in America ... and it's near epidemic. The Point Guard leaves you wondering, what if the point system in Sprague's novel actually did restructure the current judicial system on violent crime. What if it amended the Three Strike policy? Also an inventor, Sprague might be on to something. "I was sickened by the trial and outcome of the O.J. Simpson case. It was a fiasco. I started working on the novel way back then, about thirteen years ago."

This crafty novel not only entertains, it makes you scream for the point system every time a rape or murder is reported. Readers of The Point Guard agree that the black or white account of law and punishment is simply amazing. It is a thrilling novel about justice as it was meant to be, in which one man aggressively pursues judicial reform after his wife's murderers escape prosecution.

The Point Guard begins when legal loopholes keep Tina Lane's vicious killers from facing trial, her husband Mike Lane wants only one thing–justice. In a lengthy and valiant quest to avenge his only love, he composes a stunning document that has the potential to dramatically alter the very core of the American judicial system.

Lane relies on his client, Senator Jeff Wheatly, to help him further his work. But when the envious senator presents Lane's work to the president as his own, Lane finds himself in grave danger. As the senator struggles for control of Lane's document and the power it could bring, he finds that nothing is out of the question–not even murder. And, with unlimited resources at his disposal, the president himself is just as willing to cross all lines in order to gain control of the most powerful tool in modern legal history.

The CIA, the Secret Service, the IRS, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the Senate Ethics Committee all investigate the senator and his connection to multiple shocking deaths, and each organization finds that it has a vested interest in the success of Lane's radical plan.

In the end, nothing is spared.

Not love. Not life. Not law.